Personal Branding Program

You're staring at your empty LinkedIn "About" section and just don't find the words to describe yourself.

You have no idea how to visualize your Personal Brand to the outside world in the LinkedIn banner. 

You're feeling blocked, so you leave it all blank. And you procrastinate it to "tomorrow", but tomorrow never comes. 

We hear you! We know these struggles all too well and have therefore created a special program that tackles exactly these problem zones.
In an intense 4-week individual program we are focusing on your talents, strengths and skills. We will define your Unique Selling Point and turn it into a sharp positioning that stands out from the crowd! Last but not least we will give it all form and shape creating your smashing Personal Brand and translate it into words and visuals:


What am I truly good at? What other skills do I have other than on my CV? Are there any talents I haven't explored or discovered yet?


How can I stand out from the crowd? What makes me special and unique? Why would people want to work with me?


How can I translate my uniqueness into a strong, appealing Personal Brand? How do I present myself on a LinkedIn profile or CV?

This program is for you when...:

  • you want no fuss and over-thinking, but effective and ready-to-go results by end of an intense 4-week individual program!
  • you need tips & best practices around LinkedIn, CV and application.
  • your LinkedIn profile is exchangeable with others and you want your own footprint.
  • you were off the market for a while feeling a little rusty and you want to get back in the game!
  • you have no idea how to present yourself visually and want creative guidance.
  • you're uncomfortable about presenting yourself out there because you feel like bragging and need tips, advice and some (cheer)leading.
  • you're unsure what you're really good at and what you have to offer.
  • you cannot pinpoint why people should choose you – but they really should. 


This program is basically for anyone who want to brush and present their Personal Brand: as an entrepreneur, a business partner, an applicant, and so on.

This is what you will learn


WEEK 1 & 2 

How to define the ingredients that define your Personal Brand? Learn how to…:

  • Discover the 7 key elements of your Personal Brand
  • Draft your authentic Brand story that hooks people
  • Leverage external input on your Brand
  • Apply the importance and the four principles of Personal Branding
    – 2x Half-day working session –



How you can claim your position in order to get instant authority in your field of expertise? Learn…:

  • What differentiates you from others
  • How to stand out in the market in a fresh and authentic way so that recruiters get curious
  • Simple ways to claim your authority and gain a public of your choice
    – Half-day working session –



How you can translate your your uniqueness into a strong Personal Brand. Learn how to…:

  • Create an authentic LinkedIn profile in your own tonality that attracts your target group
  • Showcase your achievements in your own - not braggy, not show offy way - so that people will understand the value you promise (and
    want you!)
  • Hook people with your Brand Story, leaving your very own footprint that sticks and no one can copy 
  • Create a visualisation of your Brand and the conceptional process behind
  • Take simple steps how to position yourself as THE missing puzzle piece in an organisation
    – Half-day working session –

The 4-week online program includes:

  • Video call strategy session to undig and define the key elements of your Personal Brand 
  • Selfstudy and homework in between sessions
  • Online working strategy session for LinkedIn content including execution
  • Creative consultation on visualisation of Personal Brand
  • Revised LinkedIn presentation and feedback session 
  • Material for selfstudy, checklists and guides (tips and best practices)


Your Key Take-aways:

  • A fresh and new awareness and discovery of your talents, strengths & skills
  • A sharp positioning that clearly that sets you apart from your competition
  • A brushed LinkedIn profile with a matching banner
  • An exclusive coaching & consultancy program led by 2 coaches

Key facts:

  • This program is offered individually or in pairs (if you know someone who needs the workshop feel free to invite that person and get a 10% discount)
  • The investment is 1997€ excl. btw
  • The online program will be held via video calls
  • Face to face coaching is possible in our training location in Soest
  • Meetings will take place on Mondays or Fridays (or upon request)  
  • Language: in English and German
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