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You want to get started, but yes – it’s a big leap! We get that! Every track is a very personal matter, and a lot depend on the outcome. You want to work with someone professional you trust and click with.

Our Explorer trial hour is the perfect opportunity to dip your toe into the water if you're curious how our services can help you. Book your individual 60-minute trial hour with us. When you're happy with hour and book the whole package, the cost of the trial hour will be deducted off the total package price.

The trial hour is offered in English.





Are you currently drifting along in your job with meaningless task, stuck in frustration, longing to contribute to something that matters? You're daydreaming of some fulfilling, purpose-driven work but have no idea which direction to take?

We are here to equip and support you with all the tools you need to chase your purpose-driven profession! With our vast expertise and our corporate & entrepreneurial backgrounds we are advising you a customised program that will fit you like the perfect suit compiled of the following topics:


THE BIG WHY: GET STARTED – Defining who you are

  • Personal Branding: What makes you unmistakable? Your very Personal Brand is like no other, so show your uniqueness to the world!
  • Values: Values are the foundation and compass of your life, and a crucial factor to base your decisions upon. Once you have them clearly defined, they will guide you through your next steps and help you setting priorities for your life.  
  • Purpose & Vision: Purpose is key, because it shows you the WHY and gives your work extra-value. Starting your journey by defining your Purpose & Vision will give you direction to the meaningful work far beyond just money-making.


THE BIG WHAT: GET REAL – Giving it form and shape 

  • Your authentic voice & tonality: Develop your own tone of voice that reflects the essence of your Personal Brand. Cut through the noise and find your own authentic way of communicating!
  • Positioning strategy: What differentiates you from the market, what makes you stand out from the crowd? Ensure that you're claiming your very unique position in the market and get known for it! 
  • Look & Feel: In a digitalised world words are often not enough: an appealing packaging of content is a must-have nowadays. Express your Personal Brand in a strong supportive visual language.   
  • Networking Strategy: Have an own network strategy of your kind that matches your personality – because nothing beats the cooperation of people. You know: sharing is caring!


THE BIG HOW: GET THERE – Setting up your action plan

  • Concrete steps: If you have a goal you need a map to get there. Setting your strategy, priorities and timeline are the essential step-stones to reach your goal.
  • LinkedIn profile: Get visible, put your awesome self on the market! LinkedIn is a great channel to share, present and broadcast your (Personal) Brand and your services to the outside world. Take advantage of this smart tool!
  • Interview/Presentation skills: Sometime little details make the whole difference. Whether you're preparing for an interview or for a presentation at your (potential) clients' – it is handy and crucial to be well prepared with tips, tricks, and the professional know-how. Get equipped and nail it!
  • Design & Style: Set your tone with a bold appearance: An attractive CV design, a punchy Powerpoint template or an unmistakable styling. 


The stages of your journey will be led by the expert coach of the respective area.
All sessions are held 1:1 and are offered in English.

For more questions give us a shout – we cannot wait getting started with you!