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I always felt strengthened, reinforced and very clear on my next steps

Mira and Chi-Yeun have not only helped me establish my own business but also helped me really ‘owning’ my business. Mira and Chi-Yeun are remarkable and talented as individuals but as a team their support is multiplied by 10. Both of them are very good listeners and very sharp in their analysis. Chi-Yeun is a wizard with words and framing and Mira is always finding the missing link and adding in a creative touch which makes the sessions both extremely valuable and fun. I always felt strengthened, reinforced and very clear on my next steps. They have meticulously reviewed my homework and assignments and provided their honest and constructive feed-back based on their broad experience of helping people to the Big Next adventure. I am quite sure that without their help I would still be struggling to find my way out of the multitude of things I wanted to do. They helped me to focus, get my story straight and start! They feel part of my business forever with their grounding work. Since they knew me so well I have asked Mira to design my logo which I am very proud of. I would recommend everyone embarking on a new business adventure to work with Mira and Chi-Yeun. It was not simply business coaching. I have received so much more than I paid for. They were truly committed and cared for my wellbeing as well as that of my successful business. – Suzanne Valkmann


A strong Personal Brand means bringing all parts together into ONE authentic brand

This year was the perfect time for me to pause and reflect on my career so far. A possible new direction and/or job change made it important to reflect this as well on LinkedIn. So my next step was to review and brush up my LinkedIn profile. The objective was simple: creating a clear online presence, position my professional profile and differentiating myself from the crowd showing my unique value. While I am effortlessly able to present my experiences, skills and talents in a conversation I realised I was struggling to summarize it all and putting it down on paper and on Linkedin. I needed help. I approached THE BIG NEXT Team for this. The workshop started right away with undigging the various ingredients of my Personal Brand. A deep-dive exploration where – next to my obvious values and passions – we filtered out my USPs and traits. That’s when I realized there are many more layers of who I am and how I uniquely differ from other professionals, which weren’t visible to me before. I gained a fresh new awareness of my capabilities and it opened new opportunities and paths that I could further pursue. I really liked the atmosphere that is created when working with Mira & Chi-Yeun, allowing you to be open and yourself. The structure and build up of the workshop targeted the end goal in clear steps, so the process of crafting my Personal Brand turned into an exciting experience for me. Mira & Chi-Yeun are genuinely interested in you succeeding and have a strong knowledge in their areas of expertise. The workshop style is personal, casual but methodical. By the end of an intense 2 day Workshop I had my Personal Brand defined and visualized on LinkedIn. A profile that really reflects me as who I am – in words and in images. My key take away: You don’t have to be a different person in your professional and private life. A strong Personal Brand means bringing all parts together into ONE authentic brand. With that I am able to express my brand identity in a personal way and articulate my value proposition to the point. Writing this feedback a few months after the workshop… Results of the work done are overwhelming! The number of views on LinkedIn has increased by 35% and I have been approached by headhunters almost weekly. I can only recommend the Personal Branding workshop with THE BIG NEXT! – Mike Brinkhoff


Drill down into what I want to present

I spent time working with Mira and Chi-Yeun and The Big Next to drill down into what I want to present in my LinkedIn profile, and the way they minded my brain for way more than just LinkedIn was unexpected and exciting. I'm now steadily working through the list we created together, and I'm grateful for the opportunity to work together. Hopefully we can again, in the future! – Nerissa Muijs


Their wide range of talents and knowledge are truly invaluable assets

For our April “At Night” meeting, the American Women’s Club of Amsterdam was joined by The Big Next founders (and sisters!), Mira Lee and Chi-Yeun Gulickx-Lee. During their presentation, Mira & ChiYeun enthusiastically shared their expertise with AWCA members on how focused personal branding can improve our positions on a wide range of ambitions. From professional aspirations and inter-industry collaborations to networking for social causes, shaping your personal brand can align your current trajectory towards your true goals. AWCA members were so thankful to spend the evening with Mira & ChiYeun! Their wide range of talents and knowledge are truly invaluable assets to anyone on a mission to find their own personal “Big Next.” – Kelly Morgan


This insightful session broadened my horizons

I had a coffee chat session with THE BIG NEXT team Mira Lee and Chi-Yeun last month. This insightful session broadened my horizons with respect to personal branding and the scope to reflect my personality on social media and LinkedIn, specially. I was really looking for something that could direct me towards that and I am very grateful to have had this session with them. There is a review given after the session that can help you realize your personal branding goals and build your brand that stays unique to you! I HIGHLY recommend them if you need to level up your personal branding game! – Sriya Gorantla


Their insights left everyone feeling inspired and excited

For my work at BluJay's women's network I contacted Chi-Yeun and Mira at THE BIG NEXT for a guest speaker session and I had never expected it to be as successful as it was. Their insights left everyone feeling inspired and excited to invest in and develop their personal brand. During my own personal coffee chat both women not only helped me gain valuable insights into not only my personal brand but also helped guide me through the process of switching my mindset from university student to young professional. I'm sure Chi-Yeun, Mira, THE BIG NEXT and I will continue working together fruitfully in the coming years. – Emily van der Hammen


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